Saturday, April 2, 2011

Trip to DC to see the Cherry Blossoms

The family started the trip getting off the Metro.  It was raining, but by the time they got to the back side of the Smithsonian Castle the rain had stopped and a beautiful garden awaited them!

 They decided to visit the Hirshhorn Gallery and saw "Blinky Palermo Retrospective 1964-1977" and other modern art pieces created by other well known artists.  Afterwards, they visited the Hirshhorn sculpture garden.
 Both kids agreed that the sculpture piece "The Drummer" by Barry Flanagan was their favorite!

 Next, they stopped into the Museum of Natural history.  Cooper really dug the dinosaurs and Ivy loved looking at all the pretty butterflies!
 While walking in the Capital Mall, they were able to get some pictures after a thunder and lightning storm that  hailed on them.
 From there, they wandered over to the Jefferson Memorial to see all the Cherry Blossoms!

It was time to ride the Metro back.  They decided to check out a restaurant in Arlington, VA, that some friends had suggested.  They ate at an authentic Lebanese restaurant called Fettoosh.  The food was fantastic and the kids were very tired.  They returned to their hotel, took baths, and had hot cocoa before going to bed.